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      Product comparison

Comparison of Vibration optical cable, and traditional perimeter product:
This comparison chart analysis the differences between the vibration optical cable, and the security systems in today’s market.  This include Infrared, leakage cable, electronic fence, and microwave beam.
1. Intelligent vibration optical cable (I-VOC) can be mount-in into concrete wall.  The other products describe above can not achieve this function.
2. The standard deviation of I-VOC is less than 2%, electronic fence 20%, leakage cable 30%, infrared 50%, microwave beam 40%.
 3. Compare to the time on the market, Vibration Optical Cable was released in 2008, Electric Fence in 2002, Leakage Cable in 2000, Microwave Radio in 2003, Vibration Cable 1998, Infrared Beam 1998.
4. Compare to the product adeptness, Vibration Optical Cable is much more effective than other security product.  It can fit-in all kinds and shapes of environments.
5. Vibration Optical Cable is easier to maintain than other products.
6.  The average detection distance for Vibration Optical Cable is 2000m, Electric Fence 200m, Infrared Beam and Microwave Radio 100m.
7. The average usage life for Vibration Optical Cable is 3~4 years, Electric Fence 1~2 years, Leakage Cable, Infrared Beam, and Microwave Radio around 1 year.
Vibration Optical Security System is considering the most complete security system in today’s market.  Its performance is far exceeding the other products in today’s market.  It has corrected, and fixed from other security product’s defection.
The I-VOC product is design without interruptions from rain, mist, electronic wave, radiation effect, etc.  The I-VOC products is design to fit-in in any environment, and places with highly flammable, and explosive area.  It can also differentiate waves from human intrusion, animal, wind, rain, and other activities, which lower the false alarm rate.


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