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Hong Kong Division

Address: 193 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Tung Chiu Commercial Centre, Room 1603, 16th Floor

Phone: (852) 21159753 Fax: (852) 21159763

Beijing Division

Address: Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Sheng North Street, Building 36, Room 311

Phone: (86) 010-67857442 Fax: (86) 010-67857443

Service Hotline: (86) 010-67857442



The company has been committed to the "industry people respect," the concept of employment, has been set up with strong technical strength of the R & D-team, which every member of the team with at least 5 years of industry experience, has a wealth of practical experience and superior industry products custom development capabilities, on some major projects with excellent results for the company won a lot of honors, the company has become one: Chinese premier integrated monitoring system platform solutions provider, flammable and explosive places only option perimeter alarm system providers and the waters of China's only comprehensive security solution provider, etc..

Through the tireless efforts of our team in the rapid development of networking technology today, there is our team personally designed and implemented projects throughout the country and Europe and about regions, the most representative are:

◆ Gansu an airport perimeter security system

◆ Munich Chinese embassy perimeter security system

◆ Qilu Petrochemical subordinates more than 30 plant perimeter security system

◆ Beijing Nanyuan Airport depot perimeter security system

◆ one to three projects total length of 200 km gas pipeline protection system in Tangshan.

◆ Guangxi subordinates a seven prison perimeter security system

◆ Hebei Xuanhua Steel Video System

◆ Shanghai World Expo Park, stereo monitoring system

◆ River Mine in Shanxi Temple network monitoring system

◆ Yanjiao Yanda Hospital Comprehensive Monitoring System

◆ Daya Bay neutrino pilot project - Network Monitoring System

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