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Hong Kong Division

Address: 193 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Tung Chiu Commercial Centre, Room 1603, 16th Floor

Phone: (852) 21159753 Fax: (852) 21159763

Beijing Division

Address: Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Sheng North Street, Building 36, Room 311

Phone: (86) 010-67857442 Fax: (86) 010-67857443

Service Hotline: (86) 010-67857442


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Company Profile

Hunk Tech Group co., Ltd. Is an innovative corporation, which invests in high-end security surveillance, perimeter defense, fire safety, and photovoltaic technology.
Hunk has number of subsidiaries worldwide, United State, Taiwan, and China.
Headquarter is based in Hong Kong which is the major holdings of the rest braches.
Hunk Tech Beijing is mainly ungagged in fields of optical fiber sensing technology product research & development and marketing.

                Research & Development

Hunk has setup two fiber optic sensing technology laboratories in Boston, Massachusetts, United State, and Hsinchu Science industrial Park, Taiwan. Hunk’s Hsinchu laboratory had equip over 36 kilometers of fiber optic cable, which were used for testing.
Hunk has acquired leading professionals and doctoral from optical fiber technology industry.
Hunk has achieved over 20 software copyrights, certifications, and patents in field of optical sensing technology, optical fiber probe, and laser light source technology.

Product & Structure

Hunk is dedicated to provide the best quality, and intelligent, yet cost-effective product in today’s market.  Hunk has over 20 kinds of products, which include the latest 360-degree panoramic surveillance camera, and software.  All the products and solutions have reach in fields of Airport, Government, Military Defense, Oil and Gas Industries, as well as to a broad range of commercial organizations worldwide.

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