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Hong Kong Division

Address: 193 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Tung Chiu Commercial Centre, Room 1603, 16th Floor

Phone: (852) 21159753 Fax: (852) 21159763

Beijing Division

Address: Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Sheng North Street, Building 36, Room 311

Phone: (86) 010-67857442 Fax: (86) 010-67857443

Service Hotline: (86) 010-67857442




Hunk has assembled a special technical & customer service team with experienced expert in fields.  Which can provide detail services, supports, information, and solutions to our clients.  The team is built to ensure our products can be correctly implemented and effective toward customer needs.  Clients can reach our technical service team thru Internet, or telephone in different location.

Hong Kong division:
Telephone: (852) 21159753 Fax: (852) 21159763
Address: Hong Kong, Lockhart Road No. 193 East super commercial center 16 building room 1603
Beijing division:
Consultation service hotline: (86) 010-6785 7442
Fax: (86) 010-6785 7443
Address: Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone to Sheng North Street 1 No. 36 building 311 rooms

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