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Hong Kong Division

Address: 193 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Tung Chiu Commercial Centre, Room 1603, 16th Floor

Phone: (852) 21159753 Fax: (852) 21159763

Beijing Division

Address: Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, Sheng North Street, Building 36, Room 311

Phone: (86) 010-67857442 Fax: (86) 010-67857443

Service Hotline: (86) 010-67857442



 Beijing Hanke cloud Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a company to provide a "science and Technology Group Company cloud - complex" in the. The company is headquartered in Hongkong, with the Hongkong division and Beijing division. Hongkong division is located in Hongkong, 193 Lockhart Road East super commercial center, responsible for foreign market; Beijing division is located in the cloud base Park of high tech industries in Beijing City, is mainly responsible for Beijing, Shanxi, Shandong and the domestic market. Company R & D and production workshop are located in Taiwan and Shenzhen, the core technology in the United States and Taiwan R & D, major projects in some countries on the company to independent innovation as the starting point, as the national infrastructure construction total savings of nearly 10 million, such as: in the field of Civil Aviation, put to use my company's new "digital cable vibration detection and alarm system", with its advanced and stability of continuous won many domestic security civil aviation airport perimeter protection project, breaking the monopoly of foreign perimeter alarm system of civil aviation of China 20 years of history, not only to save money for the country, but also to ensure that the airport security, end of the airport perimeter security heteronomy situation; in the field of the monitoring system the company, through bold innovation, strive to study, the introduction of a large number of professional talents, formed a team of excellent team with completely independent development ability and the top domestic monitoring and control system design, and to cooperate with a company in Taiwan developed a 360 degree panoramic monitoring system, complete independent intellectual property rights have the system, its advanced and stability is recognized by many countries in the world, has been widely used in important places.

The company has been adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation" concept of employment, has established a strong technical strength of the R & D team, every member of the team in at least 5 years of experience in the industry, has accumulated rich experience, and has the ability of super industry product development. In a number of major projects with excellent performance for the company to win a lot of honor, the company has become the platform of integrated monitoring system: top Chinese provider, inflammable and explosive places only optional perimeter alarm system providers and the only Chinese waters comprehensive security solution provider.




Beijing headquarters                                       Hong Kong headquarters



Through our tireless effort in the rapid development of networking technology today, the projects involving the design and implementation of our team are seen throughout the country and in Europe and America regions.  The most representative projects are:

· Perimeter security system of an airport in Shanxi 

· Perimeter security system for a park in Beijing 

· Perimeter security system of Qilu Petrochemical 

· Perimeter security system of a fuel depot in Beijing

· Protection system of gas pipelines in Hebei 

· Perimeter security system of a prison in Guangxi

· Surveillance system of Hebei Iron & Steel Group

· Alarm system of a small district in Ningxia 

· Network-Surveillance system of a coal mine in Shanxi 

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