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Hanko cloud as a the bright younger generation of China's security industry,vibration and cable products of its production share has a certain degree of visibility, reputation and market in the market. In addition, in order to enhance the market competitiveness, establish the Hanko cloud brand image, Hankocloud take integrated promotion strategy in china.

(1) the product strategy:

Hanko cloud partition management strategies used for products according to the needs of the consumer level, also of ancillary products sales; Hanko cloudalso uses character design, grade mark and in full compliance with national standards for packaging, in the market can highlight its different.

(2) the price strategy:

Hanko cloud using high quality price, three grade price, wholesaler inventoryprice and strict price controls and a series of systems, to balance the interests of all parties, to ensure the reasonable, rich profits of middlemen.

(3) the channel strategy:

The first distribution center in the industry, three channel design, and implement the policy of products agency, brand agents and agent system,flexible.

(4) dissemination strategy:

In order to create the user's brand oriented, through careful design of theproducts, public relations activities, effects of changing behavior and the purchase of consumer behavior, to boost sales by improving brand pull.

(5) service strategy:

Hanko cloud make dealer technical instruction and training to dealers;handling customer complaints and claim norm; with batch delivery; the dealerpurchase, construction, technical guidance; to establish user files to track the long-term Hanko cloud effects of use of the product and provide long-termservices for dealers.


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