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Smart Campus System established

 In recent years, frequent across campus massacre, the spate of vicious cases, making the relevant government departments, especially the schools, the campus security put in an important position. How to effectively guarantee the safety of the students, so that they have a reliable and comfortable learning environment, in front of us to become an important issue. In this grim campus environment, the company provides campus cloud platforms, namely: Campus Security "private cloud" platform program for the school security, student safety and student behavior tracking statistics to provide an advanced technology platform. The platform can accommodate: video surveillance systems, fire alarm systems, perimeter protection system, student behavior tracking statistics systems, intelligent systems and intelligent campus courses and other effective combination for the safe campus provides an important means of prevention and control.

City schools are now widespread throughout the campus area, venues scattered, many students, the campus surrounding environment is complex, government departments can not be effective, fast and timely collection of the response characteristics, with the recent school violence events and incidents increases, traditional human inspection campus security management has been unable to meet the needs of a growing number of schools have taken through the campus network video surveillance system implementation to build safe campus. Campuses in the cities popularized by video surveillance, burglar alarm, security-oriented technical preventive measures, but the major systems independent of each other is not conducive to the maintenance and regulation, inefficient, difficult to be truly intelligent, humane In response to this situation, I introduced the campus cloud platform effectively solve this problem, the cloud platform not only can solve the intelligent perimeter security, fire and other relations student safety issues, but also can be home school, distance education, etc. functions, to achieve some resource sharing, such as: a student does not attend class when sick at home to the campus through the campus network cloud platform combines lectures or courses online downloads and other features; also can make use of the platform front sensor monitoring, statistics student habits, monitor student truancy rate, but also on the school's fixed assets, access and management. To sum up the campus cloud platform once launched will cause the State Education Commission and other relevant departments attach great importance to and promote the country, currently in Beijing Northern High School has an initial application.

Campus Cloud Platform room

Digital classroom intelligent monitoring

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