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      Industry news

Smart home market is becoming increasingly popular

 In recent years, as the economy continues to develop, more and more people have become increasingly demanding home environment, family life, automation, comfort, security, choice of a new modern home. Especially in recent years, the domestic market is booming smart home, and the networking, communications, and computer technology has become more sophisticated and product advances, and gradually penetrated into people's daily lives, not only changed people's living habits, but also improve the quality of life.

Currently, the smart home market applications in general in its infancy, user groups focused on high-end residential, such as villas, duplex residences. Mainly include two aspects: one is the home environment such users higher quality requirements, the other is a fundamental requirement for smart home, residential area due to its larger, more houses and scattered light control, floor to ceiling curtains over high, manually switch lights, curtains inconvenience. With the relevant enterprises to increase efforts to promote and increase the user's actual needs and to enhance awareness, smart home market application from the local market will be gradually applied to large-scale application development market. "As technology continues to drive people home as well as the continuous improvement of the quality of life in the next two years, the smart home market is still a very promising sunrise industry." Fujian Guan Zhu Ying Lin Technology Co., Ltd., general manager, said.
Three boosters: triple play, intelligent terminals, industry chain integration
While most manufacturers are covered by a smart home economy, universal type and other diversified and high-end smart home product types, to meet the needs of users at different levels, but the vendors are selling are different emphases. Market positioning can be divided into two directions, one is primarily a "low price" sales strategy, take the popular line of products, such as Fujian crown forest, a larger share of its mass residential market; Another is mainly to go high-end products route sales, market position mainly in the duplex, villas and other senior housing, such as Honeywell, Legrand, ABB, etc.
Currently smart home market has not yet entered the domestic large-scale application of the boom, but the overall market showed a growth point of view, smart home is becoming the most active in the field of intelligent building an industry and market vendors, integrators , distributors, and other industrial chain decoration companies have begun to take shape, and the user's consumption level and awareness rising, people are no longer satisfied with simple decoration living environment, comfortable, safe, convenient, efficient and personalized environment has become a modern home life's basic needs. Smart home industry continues to develop, for the smart home manufacturers, mainly by promoting three favorable factors: first, the strong support of national policies, such as the 2009 National Strategy IOT technologies as well as triple play pilot, etc., are associated with smart home industry is closely related; followed by the popularization of intelligent terminal equipment, such as the current Android, iOS and other operating systems 3G smart phone, PAD and so widely available, these terminals can be used as information intelligent home control terminal; third is a smart Home upstream and downstream industry chain as a whole has been further developed, especially in real estate vendors and telecom operators in the project application, in terms of smart home play a guiding role.
As China's urban community construction and intelligent residential construction progresses, how to create a comfortable and safe living environment of scientific management, is currently placed in the real estate business, the relevant state departments in front of a serious issue. For this reason, manufacturers and real estate developers, system integrators, and other needs of mutual cooperation, to promote the healthy development of the smart home market. People's living standard continues to improve, while growing demand for intelligent, which brings to the development of smart home congenital conditions. May Anluogelang Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. Sales and Marketing Director Bai Gan Wen said: "From the real estate perspective, a model room in the past mostly just installing smart home products, and this year the majority of the real estate business in order to highlight the particularity of real estate, entire estate has installed smart home products. "smart home either as a real estate agent for differentiated marketing a powerful weapon, but also conducive to enhance the brand image of the real estate. In other words, the smart home into real estate projects, the development of the smart home industry is a better opportunity.
All manufacturers competing domestic standards concern
Currently, the smart home market mainstream manufacturers can realize the function of the system is basically not much difference, the manufacturers of the concerns of smart home products are divided into product appearance, user experience, interactive and functional stability four aspects. "With smart home technology matures, manufacturers and users pay more attention to the practicality and stability of product features, simple and stylish appearance of the product as well as operational and interactive user experience easy and fun, functional, easy to operate smart home products easy and convenient to popularize. "Fujian crown Zhu Ying Lin, general manager, said.
Foreign-rattling, into the mass market
Domestic application of the smart home market and abroad differ, mainly due to domestic residential environment, the level of household consumption, as well as conditions such as decoration style differences exist with foreign countries. Caused by the initial foreign products more suited to smart home or villa single family use, and foreign brands in the villa smart home, senior housing and other markets occupy a larger market share, such as Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Legrand, etc.
While the domestic smart home products compared to foreign brands, its advantage lies in "localization" brand rooted in the domestic market for many years, China's national conditions and the market is more thorough understanding of user needs, for the Chinese people in the unique community lifestyle, community intelligence building and networking and other aspects are more competitive than foreign brands, while the domestic smart home products in the function and operation more in line with the Chinese people's living habits, more intelligent home products are used in residential buildings, such as Fujian Guanlin Xiamen Di Nike.
For China such a huge market, whether domestic or foreign manufacturers local manufacturers are staring piece of cake, smart home for foreign manufacturers, in order to enhance its market share in China, on the one hand to consolidate long established villa , senior housing market, on the other hand specifically for the Chinese market, the unique residential environment, culture, decoration style, while the adjustment of product sales strategy, and actively expand into new markets, such as may Anluogelang, Legrand, ASSA ABLOY ASSAABLOY , ABB, etc. "Currently, the Chinese government is encouraging developers to enhance affordable housing, affordable housing and other central apartment building, for us, the product of the target audience is not only high-end market, small and medium size, we also attach great importance to the rural market, Chinese users for security and convenient solution for intelligent door in great demand. "ASSA ABLOY Door Group President Zhang Tongjie Greater representation. "Currently, we have specifically for small and medium sized market products, and has plans will be based on 3G and CDMA technology platforms smart locks extended to security in the community, to achieve real-time monitoring, efforts to expand the coverage of small and medium size, as more households provide cost-effective smart home products. "ASSA ABLOY Group President XIAO Yong Greater building security in added.
"Overall, China's housing market dominated mostly residential buildings, in addition to our products based on high-end residential market, to make the product more suitable for the Chinese market, but also specifically for the mid-end residential market, the product" localization " change, to further expand the coverage of smart home products. "ABB China Low Voltage Products division switch socket Business Unit Marketing Manager Qiu Yupeng said.
DIY restrictive, mainly real estate projects
At present, the domestic field of intelligent home manufacturers mainly divided into three categories: the first category is based on the traditional building intercom manufacturers based, such as Fujian crown forest, may Anluogelang, housing Po (300,155, stock it), etc., Such vendors is to provide a comprehensive platform for intelligent and integrated security alarm on the platform, appliance control, control and management, and many other multimedia subsystem; second category is the traditional home appliance manufacturer based, such as Haier, TCL, Changhong, etc., these vendors is to provide information and network-based appliances; third category is focused on lighting, curtain control modules and interfaces vendors such as Szabolcs, wave hit, etc., these manufacturers mainly with The first two categories manufacturer, providing all kinds of smart switch and module interfaces. As more and more product suppliers have joined the smart home industry, such as access control, alarm, intercom, home appliances and so on, all kinds of vendors providing products for the market are different, resulting in a smart home market Almost all the manufacturers on the fragmented nature of the situation.
Relatively speaking, the development of smart home industry abroad earlier, the brand is more mature, and is usually combined with the strength of electrical cable systems based. In addition, foreign users can to a certain extent on yourself, make some product commissioning, installation, actual demand for their own individual design, the advantage of this type of operation, the user's cost reduction and selective program increased. "Domestic user's actual situation is that the users themselves rarely yourself for product procurement, installation; while abroad is different, such as the U.S., the user can directly buy in the supermarket smart home products, such as lighting control equipment, intelligent alarm device etc., the user can DIY. "Legrand (China) Smart Business Sales Senior Manager Li Hui said.
Domestic manufacturers rarely directly set up specialty stores or through supermarkets, department stores and other stores for product sales to end-users. Usually in the smart home project application, normally provided by real estate agents, system integrators and provide tenants with integrated automation control platform. "When the platform is built, residents can purchase according to their needs smart home system, has been erected on the platform to expand or further improve the function of the smart home, the design, installation, and operational aspects are generally responsible for system integrators." Rogge Lang (China) Smart Business Sales Senior Manager Li Hui added. Currently smart home products, has not yet fully reached fool mode operation, did not like the traditional household appliances to buy back can be used directly, it involves commissioning, installation and other operational aspects, with a certain professionalism and complexity, more by professional companies, such as the strength of electrical, systems integrators to the actual needs of the household, in program design, commissioning and installation. However, manufacturers are not directly involved in the project design, installation and other operational aspects, if it is relying on system integrators to install, and its technical level may not be able to complete the entire project, the user may not reach the desired effect. Or with the real estate business, then fine decorated rooms complete, unified procurement, installation, commissioning, the benefit is the average cost decreased, but not according to their own needs to choose household products style, functionality and other species.
Restrictions on domestic households yourself a lot of reasons, one is the cost issues, such as domestic please decoration companies compared to foreign cheap, and households yourself the cost of renovation is not necessarily cheap; second is the living environment, the domestic population more and the living environment is more dense, mostly residential, building construction-based, unlike abroad, mostly single-family or villa based, and are generally equipped with household basement, you can put tools and construction. Therefore, compared with foreign countries, China's household in the smart home application is not popular DIY, majority or real estate project to install. May Anluogelang white Gan Wen sales director, said: "At present, the application of smart home products market mainly lies with the communication between the real estate business, real estate business on their own to see the positioning of real estate, the key lies in the real estate business are willing piece in the smart home investment funds. "real estate business in order to enhance the sales of real estate, often installed in the house for the entire smart home system housing value. "In other countries, the smart home is" individual concept "can be called home device control or lighting control, etc., is not the concept as a whole, and in the intelligent home vendor or real estate agent as a" whole concept "to promote." Rogge Lang (China) Smart Business Sales Senior Manager Li Hui added.
Standard voice, began to show
With more and more smart home integration functions of the product, the need to establish a security, network services, remote control, home automation and other system components integrated management platform, the appliance, alarm, intercom systems and other types of equipment integrate unified management. According to Nike, Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen Di Zhao, director of marketing, said: "At present the manufacturers for products, markets and sales channels are different models and future smart home market development requires appliance manufacturers, systems integrators, network operators and other security vendors work closely to integrate the advantages of various manufacturers, so as to put the whole smart home market bigger. "
Currently smart home product features, while more and more powerful, but the lack of uniform industry standards as well as unified communication protocol between systems. Vendors each array, the system is complicated, lack of stability, coordination and poor sexual performance problems are restricting the development of smart home market factors. Smart home system to integrate with other systems product key problem is that unified communications protocol, as all manufacturers follow different interface standards and protocols for production, so interoperability between products more difficult. In the process of system integration, technical problems can be solved gradually, currently placed in front of each manufacturer is the only market applications can not solve the problem, because of the lack of standards, the market is prone to various problems, is the so-called "no rules no standards." According to ABB China Low Voltage Products division switch socket Business Unit Marketing Manager Qiu Yupeng said: "smart home market vendors more, but few manufacturers make a brand can cover all the contents of the smart home, and more and more users requiring manufacturers to be able to to provide total solutions for intelligent home systems, a universal, open, stable, standard system bus for the integrity of the solution, product stability and functional extensibility is very important. "
Continuous development of smart home market through the survival of the fittest will occur after a number of stronger companies, these companies will be to promote industry standards force. When the smart home industry standard after reunification, the manufacturers will gradually move closer to the standard, because if the company does not move closer to the standard, will gradually be eliminated by the market. However, there have been some on the market to celebrate the things we should, for example, April 23, 2010, led by the e home league international standard project reported "General requirements for home multimedia gateway" unanimously adopted on the IEC TC100, officially became IEC international standards. According to industry sources, the coalition led by the e family, reported in the IEC TC59 in another new international standard "network appliances General requirements" are in the voting process. And the 2011 "Home and Building Electronic Systems General technical requirements" issued, although these standards are not being enforced, but as a smart home industry standard harmonization of exploration attempts, will help promote the development of the industry. "I hope that on the national smart home products technical specification standards to early introduction of standardization in the industry, manufacturers should work together, and vigorously promote the smart home industry toward large-scale, industrialization, standardization direction." Fujian crown Lin, general manager Zhu Ying added.
Restriction order, "profit" is greater than "disadvantages"
This year, with the introduction of real estate control policies related to the smart home market have a certain influence, generally divided into two aspects. On the one hand the short term, real estate policy control led to lower sales of real estate, the entire housing industry and related industries are subject to certain electronic equipment to suppress, smart home market is facing customer base has decreased. Housing turnover decreased property will be a direct result of improvements to reduce the amount, but with the reduction in the amount of the overall renovation of housing, smart home installations will also be reduced, so the development of smart home industry will be subject to a certain extent. "Real estate regulatory policies, resulting in real estate recession, but the smart home industry impact is minimal, because the smart home applications in high-end real estate projects in more, but these high-end real estate projects in the purchasing power of consumer groups or become still more stronger. "Xiamen Di Nike Marketing Director Zhao said.
Other from long-term development, housing volume reduction will result in competition among real estate developers further intensified, this competition will bring increased functionality of smart home subsystem integration opportunities, therefore, will allow Smart Home from "no choice", becomes "optional" program. Real estate economic downturn, developers in order to increase sales, to avoid the homogenization of competition problems in the real estate in the smart home products to increase the added value of the house, as a real estate project with other differentiated business strategy. According to the general manager of Fujian crown Zhu Ying Lin, said: "Overall, real estate regulatory policies for smart home manufacturers is good news, because the property market control will force the real estate business walking the fine line, pushed to the market less fine quality real estate projects , installing smart home both to enhance the real estate value, and it helps manufacturers differentiated marketing. "
"Since the introduction of the government purchase orders, and many high-end real estate clients in the purchase of housing is increasing emphasis on the quality of the real estate itself, with intelligent home control system houses in competitive differentiation has certain advantages." ABB Low Voltage Products China business unit switch socket Business Unit Marketing Manager Qiu Yupeng added.
With the real estate business, user awareness and smart home is becoming more accepted, smart home gradually integrated into people's daily life, people's lives safer, more convenient, comfortable and highly intelligent, smart home Many people will "Lixiangzhiguang shines into reality." Future smart home will be digitized in the direction towards the development of products will have integrated, cost-effective, flexible and stable functions and many other features. According to the Greater building security ASSA ABLOY Group President XIAO Yong said: "The future of China are good prospects for the development of smart home market, we will offer different products to meet the needs of different users, in terms of high-end security products, relying on the Group's top R & D teams and a global leader in technology for the Chinese market to provide the highest level of the overall solution, pay more attention to the quality of products and services, so that more user acceptance of our products. "
Smart home as "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" focus on the development of networking technology of the industry, the Internet of Things technology in the application of more intelligent home control, such as Bluetooth technology, embedded systems, Zibee wireless technology and RFID technologies. In addition to the smart home smart terminals, such as mobile phones, universal remote control for management control, but also can bring home TVs, computers also expanded as a control terminal, the user whenever and wherever through the Internet, mobile phones, mobile terminals and other all OK and all kinds of home appliances and equipment for barrier-free communication.
"Although the smart home applications showed a rising trend, but has not yet fully reached the stage of growth of large-scale outbreak, the market need for national policy, industry, manufacturers, media, users, and many other resources together to support, nurture." ASSA Levin Greater China Group President Zhang Tongjie door industry says. However, I believe that with the constant technological and economic development, people's demand for smart home will be increasing, the future of smart home will become a part of everyday life.

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