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Essential for building intelligent modern architecture

 According to the World Association of Architects expected in the next 10 years, half the world's large-scale intelligent building will be born in China, intelligent building related industries will become a sunrise industry, and in the modernization of our country to play a significant role.

1984 United Technologies Corporation will Harvard (Dartford) City Plaza Building, transformation and named CityPlace (city building), the introduction of computer equipment, data communication lines, program control switches, residents may have communications, word processing, electronic mail , information retrieval, query and other related services market. Meanwhile, inside the building all the supply and distribution equipment, air conditioning systems, water supply and drainage facilities, fire protection, security equipment controlled by computer, and information technology, automation, so that users get the building's both comfortable and safe and cost-effective environment in which Building features a qualitative leap. Since then, a new vocabulary - intelligent buildings came into being.
Intelligent buildings are buildings in the advanced stage of development for intelligent buildings, because the development of intelligent technology, still no uniform definition of Europe, the USA, Japan, Singapore and the International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Society formulation varies by Japanese standards for the case, Japan Electrical Manufacturers Association Branch of the intelligent building intelligent building is defined as: integrated computer, information and communication and other aspects of the most advanced technology to make the building's electricity, air conditioning, lighting, disaster prevention, security, transportation equipment, coordination achieve building automation (BA), Communication Automation (CA), office automation (OA), security automation system (SAS) and firefighting automation systems (FAS), combines the functions of these five kinds of buildings, plus integrated structured Cabling System (SCS), structure of the integrated network system (SNS), intelligent buildings integrated information management automation system (MAS) composition is intelligent buildings.
In the 21st century, with the rapid development of information technology, intelligent building this term has gradually been recognized, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places continue to emerge out of a large number of intelligent buildings. Compared with the traditional buildings, intelligent buildings with unparalleled advantages, which through advanced technological means to achieve the building of any person at any time, any place, are able to get comfortable, safe and efficient office environment and rich, intelligent, personalized information services. Construction equipment automation system, you can achieve a reasonable use of equipment, energy conservation, saving manpower, to ensure safe operation of equipment, electromechanical equipment to strengthen the building of modern management, increase economic efficiency.
With lighting system, for example, national "green light" project formulation and implementation, intelligent lighting system is increasingly becoming the smart building an important part of sustainable development, the lighting system is also a direct reflection of the level of control of intelligent buildings level. Now daiban public building lighting has become a direct factor affecting efficiency of the office, one for office office environment, not only have sufficient strength task lighting, but also to create a comfortable visual environment, reduce noise light pollution, good lighting design, enhance the lighting effect control, has become a modern intelligent office building is an important content. According to relevant information on domestic and office lighting electricity consumption accounted for the entire building about 1/3, office lighting equipment costs incurred (including lighting materials and equipped with wiring project fee) accounts for about 10% of the cost of electrical engineering above, therefore, a reasonable choice of lighting solutions, configure advanced control system, not only can greatly simplify the workload of wear tube wiring, and can effectively save energy and reduce user operation and maintenance costs, improve building management level, with great economic significance and social benefits. In some European countries, the intelligent control of lighting systems has become an integral part of intelligent building an important part, and the increasingly wide range of applications.

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