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Banner behind many stories, Beijing Hanko thanked to the rele


New Year, industry and commerce, tax and other departments to send a banner to usher in the business, not much of a silk banner to express thanks to the enterprise affectionate, but it is behind the bearing zone authority departments selfless act of serving enterprises.

IRS approval for enterprises to secure orders quickly

       "Thanks to the IRS provides us with a perfect service, we can guarantee this large orders, too thanked." Recently, the Beijing Cloud Power British Superconductor Cable Co., assistant general manager of the IRS tax sources clasped Division officer's hand on their urgent business needs, enterprises would want to express our most sincere spirit of service thanks.

It is understood that Beijing is satisfied superconducting cable cloud electricity Britain Ltd. is a park located in the superconducting power equipment R & D of high-tech enterprises. December 20, 2012, Beijing cloud electrical British satisfied after two years of negotiations finally signed a large research and development contract. The contract owner required Beijing Yundian British satisfied prior to the December 24 VAT invoices must be provided, otherwise the contract can not be paid down payment. In such urgent cases, the Beijing Cloud Power British finance department is satisfied recourse IRS. IRS tax sources Section staff after receiving this assistance, arrange for the next day down to the business to understand the actual situation, and immediately launched a special VAT ticket special approval green channel, the IRS several departments linkage, in just the two days on the Beijing Yundian British satisfied to complete the processing of all ticket issuing VAT approval process, companies are also required time to the successful completion of the requirements of the contract project parties, timely receipt of the contract the first paragraph.

Managing letter win, said: "Cloud Power British Carolina was established more than ten years, in the course of development of enterprise critical moment, always timely Development departments of government support." The same day, the company writing with the side "as Park quality and efficient services to help enterprises develop timely, "the banner given to the IRS sources Section.

Branch Trade Center with a business to run and overseas scholars formalities

       "The development environment is very good, the zone is also very warm and functional departments should make more friends in Taiwan understanding Zone to Zone business." Jan. 8, in the zone of the reception hall and Industry Branch, Beijing Hanko cloud Technology development Co., Ltd., general manager of Luozhi Shan said with emotion.

Hanko Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a cloud in order to provide the "cloud - things together" based science and technology company, the company is headquartered in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Beijing and Shanxi branch offices. According Luozhi Shan memories, he just came zone, but not policy, identity is also not recognized scholars, is the center of industry and commerce bureau and overseas scholars with his staff ran the step by step procedure to apply to the Scholar identity.

Centre for Trade and Industry Branch and overseas scholars to provide their own help, Luozhi Shan very mixed feelings, January 8, he put the book of "cross-strait economic development and efficient service to join hands to push plastic descendants reported conditions" on the banner were given to the development District Trade and Industry Bureau and overseas scholars centers to gratitude.

Inspection and Quarantine hands guiding home

       Recently, the Beijing Air Materiel Bermuda New Material Technology Co., Ltd. to Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau presented a banner for the council to use the export of dangerous goods packaging identification process to give technical guidance and hospitality gratitude.

Beijing Air Materiel Bermuda New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with its own brand, independent intellectual property rights of high-tech three new board listed company, has developed a series of international leading level of paint products. Plans for a number of enterprises in the export of foreign contracted projects sling bridge surface corrosion coatings, the classification and identification of hazardous properties belong to the third category of dangerous goods, hazardous required before export package uses identification. Inspection and quarantine officers learned that the council is the first export-related business products, policies and regulations do not understand, and the delivery date is more urgent problems, immediately went to the scene, one side publicize policies and regulations on the one hand to provide technical guidance, so that enterprises in the shortest possible time access to the "export of dangerous goods transport packaging identification results using the single."

       Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau official said, while the checks are positive for business services incumbent upon inspection and quarantine personnel, at present, the foreign trade situation facing many difficulties, the council must continue to take the initiative to create the conditions for the honest and trustworthy, products excellent quality of the enterprise to facilitate and actively helping dual independent enterprises, and promote high-tech exports of domestic products for export-oriented economic characteristics of the capital to make more contributions.

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